Billy B.

Mohammed is a fantastic tutor who knows the curriculum well, gives a well-balanced lesson and most importantly garners a positive learning environment. Our son improved his grades right away and we have recommended him to friends and will use his services again without hesitation.
Grade 10

Kia B.

He is an excellent Math Tutor. Mo tutored my sons for grade 8, 9 & 10. He was prepared to answer all the questions with a positive attitude. He made each session educational, and also provided a new approach to challenging problems. He taught them how to approach a math problem with confidence, by following a simple strategy. He is a friendly, easy going person with tons of knowledge in Math. I strongly recommend him, you won't be disappointed!
Grade 8 , 9, & 10

Karen H.

My daughter is in Grade 11 and was struggling with math - after a semester of tutoring, her mark went from passing to an 81%! The tutoring with Mohammad from BEDMAS was the difference - he was positive and guided with techniques that my daughter could understand and use quickly. Mohammad was reliable and available in between sessions for questions and encouragement. We will not hesitate to contract BEDMAS for Grade 12 math tutoring. Thank you!
Grade 11 & 12

Ron F.

My son was always struggling with mathematics. This was always a difficult and frustrating subject for him. The tutoring he received from BEDMAS academy was tailored to his needs. Concepts and procedures were explained in a step-by-step fashion so he was able not only to understand but to undertake problems himself. The in-person tutoring really helped as did the online resources provided by BEDMAS. He has a stronger feel and is motivated. Now he has a better grounding in mathematics than he did before. Thanks Mohammad for the great help.
Grade 11


Mohammad is a great teacher and knows he curriculum very strongly. He creates a positive work environment and continuously encourages his students to do better.
Grade 11

Saffron B.

Mohammad was able to take our daughter from a place of low confidence and failing grades to achieving a B overall and a solid 80% on her final math exam. He achieved this by studying her learning approaches and adapting his teaching to meet her needs. He was always engaged and supportive, which was the key to reaching our daughter.
I was impressed how well Mohammad actually knew the Grade 9 curriculum and its expectations. His materials were always current and on task. It was nice to see he was as interested in her understanding the concepts as he was in just achieving scores. We all appreciated how flexible Mohammad was in his schedule and the way he used technology to monitor progress, review work and answer questions even when not in session. We would gladly use his services again and have recommended him to friends.
Grade 9

Tony C.

Mohammad (Mo) from BEDMAS Academy provided excellent tutoring services for both Grade 11 and Grade 12 Math courses for our child over the last 2 years. My child's grades improved significantly due to his personalized service and in-depth knowledge of the material. He presented the material so that it can be easily understood, provided examples and is always available to answer questions. I highly recommend Mo and BEDMAS Academy tutoring services for any student looking to improve their high school math knowledge.
Grade 11 & 12

Kian B

Mohammad's method of teaching has helped me excel in my university prep math courses. He presents efficient and accurate alternatives to solving problems and gives a new perspective on learning. He creates an open learning environment and works his hardest to ensure the success of all of his students. I would definitely recommend him to anyone struggling with math, or anyone who wants to take the extra step in their learning.
Grade 9, 10, & 11


I used to be in college level math, and had no aspiration to even attempt academic levels. That was the case, until I went to my college open house and found out that most applicants had a university level math credit. I've always been a slow student when it came to math, but Mohammad has taught me excellent ways to solve problems, and just recently, I've been accepted into my college! I wouldn't have been able to come this far without his tutoring, he has been the best thing to happen for my mathematical education. Thank you!
Grade 10, 11, 12