Courses We offer

Grade 9

MPM1D: Principles of Mathematics
MFM1P: Foundations of Mathematics
EQAO Test Preparation

Grade 10

MPM2D: Principles of Mathematics
MFM2P: Foundations of Mathematics

Grade 11

MCR3U: Functions
MCF3M: Functions and Applications
MBF3C: Foundations for College Mathematics
SPH3U: Physics [From Sep 2017]

Grade 12

MHF4U: Advanced Functions
MCV4U: Calculus and Vectors
MCT4C: Mathematics for College Technology
MAP4C: Foundations for College Mathematics
SPH4U: Physics [From Sep 2017]

Also we offer Grade 6,7,8 and Canadian Forces Aptitude Test* to our students.
*We are working to create a Free Online Course for those that are interested in joining Our Canadian Army [Update May 2017]